Shu Kong

Assistant Professor; University of Macau, Texas A&M University [GitHub] [Google Scholar]
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I am on the faculty of FST, University of Macau, and CSE, Texas A&M University. I lead the Computer Vision Lab. I did my postdoc training at the Robotics Institute, CMU, working with Deva Ramanan. I received my PhD from UC-Irvine, where I worked with Charless Fowlkes.

My research interests span Computer Vision and applied Machine Learning (CV/ML), and their applications to autonomous vehicles and research in natural science. My current research in CV/ML focuses on Visual Perception via Learning in the Open World (VPLOW). My recent paper on this topic was recognized for Best Paper / Marr Prize at ICCV 2021. I also actively apply my algorithms to interdisciplinary research including building a high-throughput pollen analysis system, which was featured by the National Science Foundation as that “opens a new era of fossil pollen research”.

I am actively looking for self-motivated PhD students at CIS, FST, University of Macau. PhD students will be fully funded with fellowships. I am NOT actively looking for PhD students at CSE, TAMU.


  • email: shu [at] tamu [dot] edu [issues related to TAMU]
  • email: skong [at] um [dot] edu [dot] mo [issues related to the University of Macau]
  • gmail: aimerykong [at] gmail [dot] com [issues related to others; unlikely to reply]



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